Who we are

La Mark sport is a Canadian clothing brand with focus on fashion and performance based in Vancouver. 

Taking inspiration from women’s life and needs, we strive to create products that you will wear for your active pursuits with ease of transition to city life 

For whom

Our products are driven by our client’s lifestyle.

La Mark sport is a combination of practicality and fashion. It is meticulously crafted for women who lead an active lifestyle and possess an exceptional fashion sense. Who seeks adventures yet refuses to sacrifice glamour. 

We want our beautiful clients to feel comfortable, fashionable and irresistible, whether they are  hitting the slopes, exploring nature or enjoying their leisure time.

About the founder

When Lana first arrived in Canada, she was amazed by the country’s natural beauty and the countless activities it offered year-round. Being passionate about fashion, she quickly noticed a gap of stylish, elegant outfits with feminine designs in sport clothing on the market. All practical, comfortable outfits were either bulky or same type designs. «Why couldn’t the sportswear be durable, practical yet stylish and chic at the same time?» The question that was bothering Lana’s mind. 

Since her childhood, Lana knew the power of unique designs when her mother crafted outfits to help her daughter express herself and feel confident. These head turning looks always caught attention.

In light of this, she decided to empower other women and created her own active wear line. La Mark sport, by Lana Markelova. La Mark Sport - where fashion meets performance.

Our Vision and Mission

At La Mark Sport, we believe in the transformative power of beauty and well being. The synergy between adventure and style is our passion.

Our vision is to redefine the concept of active living by seamlessly blending sport, adventure, chic and wellbeing. 

We are on MISSION to bring sport elegance and style into every aspect of your active life. 

At La Mark Sport, we envision a future where every individual is empowered to live life to the fullest, in style.

Head turning designs, perfected cuts, elevated fabrics, and attention to detail allow us to provide customers with a unique blend of chic and quality.


Having Vancouver is one of the most diverse cities in the World as a home for La Mark sport - Diversity is not only the key value, it is a part of our DNA. 

We want our every client from different cultures, different countries, with different skin color and religion to feel special in our clothing.


Vancouver (Canada) is a known leader for environmental sustainability.

La Mark sport is dedicated to minimizing human impact on the environment. 

In our products, we use high-end fabrics, which are more durable compared to fast fashion and it will last long.   

We work only with trusted suppliers who share our values - carrying about their employees. 

Our partners comply with international standards of health and safety protocols, who ensure human and labour rights are upheld and who have zero tolerance to child labour and discrimination.

All the above help us to deliver the best clothing experience to our clients and make them feel happy about being a part of doing good for our Planet.